Funeral Services

Funeral Services

AlRasoul Islamic Society does not provide any burial services. All Muslims in HRM resort to the Dartmouth Mosque (IANS) for washing of the dead body (ghusl), shroud (kafan), burial box, pre-burial prayers, and grave digging at the Islamic cemetery in Nova Scotia. The transportation of the body of the deceased must be arranged with a funeral home at the expense of the family or estate of the deceased or use a minivan.

Dartmouth Mosque (IANS) does not charge for its burial services. However, for each burial, the organization incurs out-of-pocket expenses as payments to outside agencies. Therefore, a one-time donation by the family of the deceased is requested to cover these costs that is roughly close to $4000. This cost can be confirmed from the management of Dartmouth Mosque (IANS) directly. Here is the contact card of Dartmouth Mosque (IANS).


Phone Number: (902) 469-9490

Address: 42 Leaman Drive, Dartmouth -Nova Scotia B3A 2K9

Note: In near future, AlRasoul should post the contact number of the Chief Volunteer on the website to whom you may contact for the ghusl and pre-burial prayers as per Fiq-e-Jafriya (Shia Itna asheri).