Al Rasoul Islamic Society

Interfaith and Outreach

Bilateral Relations:

Al-Rasoul has bilateral relations with several faith organizations such as (some examples only) Bedford United Church, Divinity Colleges Wolfville, First Baptiste Church Wolfville, Rockingham United Church, Atlantic School of Theology, New Horizon Baptiste Church, St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church, St. Andrews United Church, Vedanta Hindu Temple, and St. John's United Church Fall River.

Multilateral Relations:

Al-Rasoul is a proud member of the following interfaith initative

1- Interfaith Harmony Halifax (

2- Interfaith and Spirituality Network (

3- Spiritual Diversity Conference Series.

Interfaith Social Initiatives:

1- We are a supporter of Sackville Warming Center jointly with Bedford United Church and Rockingham United Church.

2- We are a part of the Bridge the Gap initiative in partnership with tens of other organization.

3- We are proud to be on the list of the organizations those serve breakfast at Brunswick Street Mission.

A link for photo gallery of interfaith pictures