Al Rasoul Islamic Society

Booking of Al-Rasoul Premises

Please fill up Al-Rasoul a Usage Request Form and Agreement at this link


1. For Majalis (i.e. non-Fatiha events), Fatiha Programs (i.e. mourning events), and other small gatherings, the Al-Rasoul requires at least a 48-hour notice.

2. Suggested donation for the usage is $250 for a use without kitchen and $ 450 for a use with kitchen. The donation will be sent through an email transfer to Al-Rasoul. Please e-transfer the donation to the email address and enter the amount here. There is no expectation for a donation for programs to be arranged by or for kids, youth, and women.

3. Someone from your own sub-community will contact you within 24 hours of filling out this form and facilitate access to the Al-Rasoul premises and audio video facility.

4. Attendees are kindly requested to respect this holy site and house of God.

5. The user will ensure the Al-Rasoul is cleaned immediately after the program. The Al-Rasoul must be left in the same clean state that was provided to the User. All garbage and recycling must be removed and taken to the Garbage and Recycling Bins located in the Parking Lot. Any cleaning charges incurred by Al-Rasoul following the event may be charged to the user

6. If any of the Al-Rasoul’s equipment is being used, it must be brought to the same condition prior to usage.

7. All parking regulations on and off the premises of the Centre must be obeyed.