Al Rasoul Islamic Society

Be a Volunteer in a Committee at Al-Rasoul

If you want to be a part of this committee, please register through this link (), you will be informed if a vacancy is available at (

Here is a brief description of committees at one page to help you make an informed decision.

1. Sunday School:

To decide about curriculum, day to day operations, student recruiting, resources (teachers, volunteers, study material, and refreshment).

2. Interfaith/Outreach:

To foster existing and create new interfaith linkages through dialogues, visits, and being part of interfaith activities.

3. Media/Social Media/Multimedia:

To have the Media-room operational, recommend upgrades, maintain, and foolproof availability of media teammate or prepare an easy to follow manual to be used by anyone (once provided) to enter Media-room (temporarily, occasional lock password can be changed after use) and do basic operations.

Program intimation to the community through emailing and social media, and supervision of managing social media and web presence.

4. Program/Community Program:

Arranging and scheduling weekly and annual programs, presenters, and suggesting topics and arrange social/recreational programs

5. Food Services:

Kitchen operations

6. Membership /Hospitality/Volunteering:

Explore ways to be in contact with the community and promote participation. Foster groups like women, youth, and kids

7. Fund Raising/Donations:

Collect donations and launch fundraising schemes in our community

8. Hygiene/Infrastructure:

To make a schedule of weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual cleaning. To arrange community volunteers to do cleaning or to hire cleaners. To make a procedure of booking the space to be used by various communities and make the responsible people known to the community.